Blessed with a long coastline, South Africa is home to numerous beaches and yacht clubs. Yes, there are yacht clubs in South Africa and port cities in SA are rife with yachts. While the international yacht scene is not as prominent in South Africa, there are many local yachting activities you would never want to miss.

Yachting Clubs in South Africa

South Africa is blessed with warm (Indian Ocean) and cold (Atlantic Ocean) oceans, prominently due to the Agulhas Current and Benguela Current respectively. Due to this geographical condition, South African coasts provide unique sailing experiences.

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Every major port city in South Africa is rife with yacht clubs. They are always happy and enthusiastic about having new friendly faces around. If you are in South Africa looking for some yachting experience, make sure to visit one of the yacht clubs. Most of these yacht clubs will also allow non-members to enjoy their fine-dine services with great views, or limited yachting-related activities. Make sure you contact them beforehand to understand their requirements.

Some of the well-known yacht clubs in South Africa:

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Yachting Employment Opportunities in South Africa

Though not as demanding as the international yacht scene, South Africa does need deckhands and stewardesses on their yachts. Of course, don’t expect to work on a superyacht in South Africa. It is rare to have a sight of a superyacht docked in South Africa as they are mainly prominent in the Mediterranean and Caribbean regions.

However, if you meet all the standard requirements, you too can work on a yacht in South Africa.

National v/s International Yachting Scene

It can be a pleasant experience working with the South African people. Also, another advantage would be staying close to your home. You would be away from your home for a week at max. Staying close to family and friends is essential for most of us. That is also why international deckhand jobs are unique in their own way. The commitment is harsher.

However, an international deckhand job on a superyacht would definitely pay you more than a national one. Why? Because they get paid in dollars or euros, depending on the region. An average entry-level deckhand earns around 2500$ per month or 30000$ on the minimum side. Additionally, there are tips that are distributed equally amongst other crew. In South Africa, an ordinary deckhand’s salary is R227,252 according to SalaryExpert.

Whether you want to work in an international yacht scene or a national one is up to you. However, if you ask us, working on a yacht in South Africa first would actually help you build up your resume with some quality experience. Internationally, getting employment on a yacht is extremely competitive as candidates from all over the world apply for it.

Besides, searching for international employment itself can be expensive. You are expected to visit these “superyacht hubs” and do “dock walking” to personally meet yacht owners to find employment. This means you will have to mind travel, visa, and accommodation expenses during the trip, which can set you back a fortune if not less.

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Even though not as gigantic, South Africa has a century-long yachting culture that is still strong today. Whether it is to experience yachting culture or find a job as a deckhand, South Africa can be one of your go-to places. Experience different regions of South Africa, warmer or colder ocean sailing, and much more.

If you wish to work on a yacht in South Africa, feel free to give us a call. We can help correct your course to becoming a deckhand or stewardess in South Africa in no time. All we ask from you is your time and commitment!