South Africa is a go-to country for many sailors worldwide for it holds endless opportunities to enjoy your life to the fullest. Thanks to South Africa’s blessed geographical location, you can experience the beauty of two major oceans of the world: The Atlantic and the Indian. So, how can you make your sailing journey to South Africa memorable? Here are the top five sailing destinations you should not miss when visiting South Africa.

The Top Five Sailing Destinations in South Africa

We are about to see the top five sailing destinations in South Africa. Please note that while these are the sailing destinations, does not mean you should limit yourself to sailing only. South Africa has a rich cultural and historical heritage and is blessed with everlasting greenery, thanks to its Mediterranian Maritime weather along the coastlines.

Do plan your trip accordingly for an ideal experience visiting South Africa.

Cape Agulhas – The Official Border between the Indian and the Atlantic Ocean

Cape Agulhas is the southernmost tip of South Africa and the continent of Africa and is considered the dividing line between the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. It is one of the most challenging sailing destinations in South Africa. But that does not mean a novice cannot enjoy sailing activities here.

There are tons of activities available at Cape Agulhas. As a sailor, you can enjoy deep offshore fishing (only recommended for experienced sailors, or you can pay for such activities), inshore fishing, sea-kayaking, seal watching, and meeting whales or sharks.

All these activities make visiting Cape Agulhas a worth-it experience. Also, the destination does have those regular watersport activities such as jet skiing, surf-gliding, wakeboarding, and many more. And hey, remember to take a helicopter ride to enjoy the beauty of Cape Agulhas and nature from above!

Furthermore, make sure you visit the Cape Agulhas National Park for an unforgettable, wonderful experience.

The Wild Coasts of South Africa

The Wild Coasts of South Africa are famous for their rugged beaches and beauty. Thanks to winds, the location often experiences thrilling tides that may go up to 3 metres in height. This makes Wild Coasts of South Africa a great surfing destination for many. However, accessibility to such locations can be tedious and Wild Coasts also do have a notoriety for being crowded with sharks. Extra caution is advised. Here are some of the best destinations to enjoy surfing as mentioned in the Wild Coast Holidays website.

Since most South African rivers empty at the Wild Coast, you can enjoy all sorts of boating activities here: canoeing in the riverbanks to riding out the waves in your powerboat in the Indian Ocean. Make sure you check the weather before you hit the ocean as the Wild Coasts are famous for being windy.

Find out what else you can do at the Wild Coasts of South Africa: Wild Coast – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

Knysna – a Unique Natural Blessing

Thanks to the unique geographical boon Knysna has received, it has become one of the most-visited sailing destinations in South Africa. Whether it is about experiencing a romantic luxurious cruise through Knysna Lagoon or enjoying surfing at Buffalo Bay, Knysna is truly an all-in-one international destination for international adventurers or casual people alike.

The 18 km² area of the lagoon provides a vast space for all sorts of leisure boating activities. The lagoon is also home to more than 200 species, making the diving experience unforgettable. Apart from that, Knysna has a rich historical heritage and perennial greenery. The abundance availability of such activities will definitely make you want to reserve a special vacation just for visiting and experiencing Knysna.

Here’s Kynsna’s Wikivoyage to help you determine your trip.

Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth) – A Popular Destination for its Beaches

Gqeberha or formerly Port Elizabeth (or P.E.) is the final destination on the Garden Route. It is a perfect combo of nature, history, and beaches. Gqeberha is popular for its easy-to-access, accommodating beaches and pleasant weather, making the experience wonderful. But if the beaches aren’t your thing, then don’t worry. There are plenty of watersports activities you can participate in, from a leisure guided boat trip to diving, wakeboarding, or surfing.

Apart from that, Port Elizabeth has a strong history of regattas, thanks to its oldest yacht club: Algoa Bay Yacht Club. They host a bunch of annual regattas (boat or yacht races) which you may not want to miss. Also, don’t miss Whale Watching cruises and wave a hand to any Southern Right Whales or Humpback Whales you see!

For more information, we encourage you to visit Port Elizabeth’s Wikivoyage.

Cape Town – An all-round Experience for All Sailors alike

The second most populous city and home to Sail and Power SA, Cape Town is one of the go-to locations for many international tourists for experiencing an abundance of thrilling watersport activities. A cool thing about Cape Town is that it is kind to everyone, whether you are a novice boater or an experienced boater.

There are plenty of seagoing activities to pick from in Cape Town: leisure boat cruising, fishing, surfing, diving and much more. Hey, did you know that you also get to dive with Sharks at Two Oceans Aquarium? To be frank, it is just so impossible, to sum up what you can do at Cape Town as the possibilities are endless.

Head to Cape Town’s Wikivoyage and explore a brand-new world of possibilities and adventure.

Final Words

The sailing activities themselves may sound repetitive and even mediocre, it is the destinations that make these activities worth it. These are our top five sailing destinations in South Africa. What do you think? Feel free to let us know.

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