If learning and understanding different cultures around the world is something you aspire to, becoming a stewardess on a yacht may provide you with a great opportunity to do so. What’s more, it is one of the highest paying jobs in the hospitality industry. If that excites you; if that sounds like an adventure to you, then being a stewardess on a yacht is something you would love. And for that, you will need to enrol in a Stewardess Course.

Yes, of course, like every other job in the hospitality industry, this job will test your skills, manners, wits, and ability to handle tricky, busy situations effectively. But if this is something you love, you should become a stewardess. A great adventure awaits you!


Who is a Stewardess?

So, who is a stewardess on a yacht? A stewardess is the interior crew of a yacht that deals with hospitality-related tasks. In simple words, imagine working in a highly reputed 5-star hotel, but on a ship. Duties of a stewardess may include the following:

  • Room services, housekeeping, attending to guests’ needs.
  • Catering to guests’ orders and cooking provisions.
  • Wine serving and cocktail mixing. Providing alcohol and beverage services.
  • Keeping the interior clean. Appropriate garbage separation and disposal, cabin cleaning, caddy cleaning.
  • Tasks related to crew and guest laundry.


What would I learn in the Stewardess Course?

This package is designed to prepare and empower you for the challenges and necessities on a superyacht. This course lasts for five days which focuses on basic safety, handling hospitality and stewardess related responsibilities, laundry and cleaning.

Let us break down this course into two main sections.

1. Interior Safety and Cleanliness

A stewardess working on a superyacht is expected to maintain a standard of cleanliness and safety. This is why the Stewardess Course focuses on training candidates on the rules and regulations around laundry, cabin cleaning, housekeeping services, and a superyacht’s safety standards.

A stewardess may be called for assistance in emergencies. At such time, you will have to be prepared and take action accordingly. Hence, the safety and survival courses are a part of the Stewardess’ Course.

2. Food, Wine, and Beverage mixing

The third main aspect of being a stewardess on a ship is to understand the mannerism and professionalism of serving food and drinks to the guests. This course also covers the basics around food manners, hygiene, safety and preservation of the food stock, wine tasting and mixing, preparing and handling exotic cuisines with care.

Different yachts may serve different menus onboard. So, the course will focus on the most popular practices. As a stewardess, you are also required to have knowledge of wine, mixology, and making cocktails. The course also includes a practical wine tasting and cocktail mixing session.

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What else does our Stewardess Course cover?

The Stewardess Course covers everything that is mentioned above. However, that is not enough for you to work on a super yacht. The overall course practically prepares you to work on a superyacht. The Stewardess Course has the following modules in it:

  1. The Stewardess Course itself. This course covers the main modules that we have mentioned above. This course focuses on preparing you for the hospitality services on a superyacht.
  2. Food Hygiene Level 2 course. This high-quality course is especially helpful for stewardesses working in the kitchen.
  3. STCW ’10 which includes PDSD (Proficiency in Designated Security Duties). This course covers the safety standards and survival techniques you require on the sea. A mandatory course for working on a superyacht.

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  1. RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course. RYA and MCA certified Powerboat level 2 course is required in case you have to entertain the guests with the pleasure toys or bring the guests to and forth between the shore and the yacht. Usually, this is a deckhand’s job.

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  1. SRC VHF Radio course that is internationally recognised. This one day course will help you around how a high-frequency or short-range radio work.


Bottom Line

If you are looking forward to being a stewardess in South Africa or internationally, then this course is for you. This career path brings hospitality, world exploration, and adventures together in one, and not to mention, a hefty salary.

Also, one should note that Deckhand and Stewardess are not the same. While their duties may mix up with each other, stewardesses are mainly involved with interior management and deckhand are involved with deck management.

If you are looking for a Stewardess Course in South Africa, feel free to give us a call. We offer high quality and professional courses with veteran experts as instructors in this industry.