If you dream about working on a superyacht, then having an RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency Certificate can take you closer to that dream. As a superyacht deckhand, it is best for you to have this certificate as you may have to entertain guests with watersport related activities or other leisure superyacht toys that include PWCs. This license is also favoured by Yachtmasters, Stewardesses, Charters, and Safety and Rescue Vessels.

Please note that your duties as a deckhand crew may vary from superyacht to superyacht, and you may not have to tend to any watersports related activity. But, having this certificate enables you to have more opportunities as a deckhand crew and you will be able to climb the ladder relatively faster.

Let’s understand more about these RYA PWC Courses in South Africa.


RYA PWC Proficiency Certificate Course in South Africa

This training course is mainly practical and it gives a neat introduction to safely operating a PWC – commonly known as Jet Ski. The nature of this course is mainly practical which begins with the main parts of PWCs safety equipment and features. Later on, you will get to learn about driving the jet ski, rules and regulations you should follow on the sea, and high-speed manoeuvres.

This is a one-day course and anyone of age 12 or higher can take this course. However, a person between the ages of 12 to 16 will have to pilot the PWC under the supervision of a certified SAMSA/RYA skipper.

Content of the Course:

This course covers the following main topics:

  •         Launching the PWC
  •         Recovering the PWC
  •         Confined space manoeuvring
  •         Mooring
  •         Man Overboard procedure
  •         Anchoring/towing procedure
  •         Engine checks
  •         High-speed manoeuvre and control
  •         Collision regulations, buoyage
  •         Basic knowledge about charting, navigation, and reading the tides
  •         Communication afloat
  •         Emergency procedures

Who should enrol on this course?

Contrary to what we have mentioned in the introduction of this article, you can have this certificate for your personal pleasures as well. Enrolling on this course does not necessarily mean you are looking forward to working on a superyacht or a charter. If you own a private Jet Ski, or if you are going on a holiday where you are hiring a Jet Ski, you will need this certificate as a license to actually drive the Jet Ski

However, if you are seeking employment on commercial vessels, then this certificate is certainly a great addition to your resume.


RYA PWC Instructor Training Course in South Africa

RYA PWC Instructor training course allows you to step up your game and be an RYA PWC instructor in South Africa. With this certificate, you won’t only tend to watersports-related activities, but you will also be able to train the yacht guests in handling PWC safely.

The entry requirements are quite high if you want to enrol on an RYA PWC Instructor course. First of all, you will need the experience. Many training schools would at least ask you for one year of PWC experience.  You should be over the age of 17, must be an RYA PWC Certificate holder, and also, you will need to complete at least the Level 2 RYA Powerboat course. And lastly, you will need to hold an RYA or STCW equivalent first-aid certificate.

This exciting course is designed to empower experienced PWC drivers by helping them understand how to instruct newcomers. In this 3-days course, you will learn about

  •         Delivering information on safety
  •         Instruction methods on teaching clients about safe handling the PWC
  •         Presenting theory topics
  •         Practical teaching
  •         Performance assessments
  •         Debriefing


RYA International Skippers License

The International Certificate of Competence (ICC) is the only recognised certificate by the United Nations as a recreational sailing license. This certificate is international proof that you are well-knowledged and skilled in handling pleasure crafts. In South Africa, all RYA accredited schools can help you with obtaining one after you complete the RYA PWC Course and obtain the certificate.


Bottom Line

In South Africa, if you are looking for an RYA accredited training school to obtain a PWC Proficiency Certificate, then contact us. Or you can check our RYA PWC Proficiency Course for more information. We will be happy to assist you with your queries.