Wanting to do something and having the actual ability and capacity to do something are two different things. This is especially true in the yachting industry. The answer to the question ‘is the yachting industry really for me?’ lies in many factors. And that it is really necessary to sincerely evaluate yourself based on this question before getting started with the yachting industry.

“Is the Yachting Industry really for Me?”

The big question. Is the yachting industry really for you? Perhaps it is, perhaps it is not. But what will truly answer this is self-evaluation, of course. But yes, despite you wanting to get into this industry or not, it just might not be for you.

Yachting Industry demands hard work, long working hours, a good professional attitude, high standard of services and results. Having a longing for work on a superyacht alone is not sufficient. You have to be physically fit, have proper training and knowledge, and most importantly, qualifying experience and certificates.

Now, if you truly want to work in the yachting industry, there are no shortcuts. Start working on yourself, hone your knowledge and skills, and then you may stand a better chance.

“If you really want it, you have to work on yourself!”

It’s simple, really… at least on paper! The first thing you should focus on is understanding whether you are physically fit for this job and how can you improve that, if possible. As a deckhand in the yachting industry, it’s all long-hours grunt work. Not always but almost every employer prefer a candidate who is athletic and active.

We would recommend talking to your doctor about this. Get a background check on your health and understand whether you have any medical conditions; understand if there are ways to improve your physique and stamina. Your doctor can definitely point you in the right direction in this. So, if you strongly desire to work on a yacht and if your doctor says you’re good to go, this may be the industry for you then!

Courses and Certification

So, you understood that you are physically fit to work on a yacht. But now, you need some basic qualifications. To work as a deckhand/stewardess, there are three certificates that you MUST possess.

  1. The STCW 2010 certificate.: This course contains 5 modules that focus on various aspects of offshore safety and security-related practices.
  2. The Powerboat Level 2 Course.: You must have the RYA Accredited Powerboat Level 2 license as a superyacht crew may have to drive a tender to bring in or drop off guests or the crew.
  3. The ENG1 Medical Certificate.: Yes, as we have mentioned in the previous point, you must be physically fit to work on a yacht. To obtain this certificate, you must contact an MCA Certified doctor only. No one else can give you this certificate.

And this is the basic qualification you MUST possess before even thinking about applying. It is important for your safety and security and others’ on the yacht. All of these courses are available on our website.

“What about my experience level?”

Even though most employees favour experienced candidates over freshers, it does not mean freshers do not stand a chance. They have to try harder and be their best selves to get the job.

However, there are many ways to build up relevant experience. For example, if you have some experience on sea-related activities, your employer will definitely consider it as a relevant experience.

Here are some ways you can build up your experience with:

  • Skipping, building upon your sea hours.
  • Working locally on the docks or small vessels, such as cleaning and maintaining the vessel, helping with shore-based or off-shore activities like fishing, maintenance, driving the vessel, and so on.
  • Competing in watersports or having professional or achievement certificates like diving, swimming etc.
  • Having the experience of working in the hospitality industry; from serving food to the guests to cleaning or making beds. It counts!
  • Taking navigation or radio-related courses and work. You can also show your technical knowledge regarding yachts and their machines as an experience.
  • And lastly, if you are really new to the industry and in the need of a firm direction, we can help you. Sail & Power SA has two courses curated for deckhands and stewardesses respectively. Our courses include all the basic certification courses plus extensive knowledge and training to prepare you for a deckhand or stewardess position.

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