“Please tell us! How long does it take to find a job on a yacht?” This is a question that many eager souls who are about to embark on an adventure in the yachting industry would ask. And at least half of them would back off when they hear the factual answer. Well, if you are one of them, sorry to dampen your spirits, but there are no shortcuts here… Oh well, we might have a delightful answer for you, but that also depends on many factors. In this article, let’s discuss what affects finding a job in the yachting industry.

So, how long does it actually take to find a Job on a Yacht?

Do you want the good news first or the bad news? Well, let’s go with the good one. What if we could tell you that you could find a job on a yacht TODAY ITSELF!? Yes, you read that right. And we have known a few lucky souls that had the privilege.

However, let’s turn to the bad, more realistic news here. Finding a job on a yacht may take anywhere from a week (still good news, right?) to 6 months (yup, that’s the one!). And the latter is generally the truth for many, as they struggle to find a good, fair position on a yacht.

But all hope is not lost as there are, indeed, ways to improve your chances of finding a job faster. So, let’s understand the yachting industry and how you can improve your chances.

What is the Yachting Industry?

When we talk about the yachting industry, we mainly picture cruising private or charter yachts for recreational purposes. We can feel you imagine yourself spending a holiday on a luxurious yacht, living the best moments of your life.

But for those who are looking for a job, the yachting industry mainly breaks down into either finding a deckhand position or a steward/stewardess position. Well, of course, there are many other positions than that, but the most popular ones are the aforementioned ones.

The crew on a yacht find their romance in the hardships of a yacht, spending 10 hours a day maintaining a yacht, making the guests’ experience unforgettable, and having an adventure around the world while earning a hefty salary + tips.

Are you one of them? Then this industry might be just right for you!

How can I improve my chances of getting a job on a Yacht?

Well, do you know what these deckhand or steward/stewardess employers are looking for in a potential candidate? The Spirit! Yes, the hardworking spirit, mannerisms, solidarity, ready-to-help attitude, and mainly, your energy.

Apart from that, these employers will also look for the basic requirements such as an STCW certificate, an ENG1 medical certificate, and a Powerboat Level 2 certificate. If you are applying for a deckhand or stewardess position, we presume you already have them all. We also provide assistance with STCW Certification and Powerboat Level 2 Certificate.

But, you shouldn’t stop just there. If you have already applied but expect to wait for months before even getting a response from your employers, do not let that dampen your spirits. You can always build the necessary experience by working elsewhere, even if it is as little as cleaning hotel rooms or making beds. Yes, these experiences are relevant to a deckhand’s life and they actually count.

The more relevant experience you have, the better you stand a chance. Also, we would highly recommend taking part in various watersport activities if you can. It certainly helps and strengthens your profile as an applicant.

Bottom Line

So here we are! If you are looking for a deckhand job, our advice would be not to ask ‘how long it would take to find a job on a yacht?‘ but ‘what can I do to definitely get a deckhand position?‘ The purpose of this article was to merely point you in a direction.

If you would like some expert guidance, we highly recommend you contact us. Sail & Power SA has been part of the industry for more than 10 years and we would be glad to assist you with your queries. See you on the sea!