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Superyacht Stewardess Course (5 days)
For Superyacht Stewardess and Stewards.

We provide the courses to help you understand the high levels of service, professionalism and dedicated duty required for interior yacht crew.

Our Superyacht Steward/ess Career Progression Course Package involves all of the essential courses needed to kick start your career in the Superyacht World!

We also offer the Supercharged Steward/ess Package which has optional add-ons for Masseuse Training and extra assistance from professionals in the industry.

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Superyacht Stewardess Course (5 days)
For Superyacht Stewardess and Stewards.

Superyacht Steward/ess Career Course package breakdown –

  • STCW (2010 compliant) includes PDSD (Proficiency in Designated Security Duties) 11 days
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course 2 days
  • SRC VHF Radio Course (Internationally recognized) 1 day
  • Stewardess Course 5 days
  •  Level 2 Food Hygiene Course is offered online or in person in Cape Town (offering you a choice between the two options, both courses are at the same price). 


– Stewardess Course 5 days at R7,900.00

– STCW (2010 compliant) includes PDSD (Proficiency in Designated Security Duties) 11 days at R8,750.00

– RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course 2 days at R3,900.00

– RYA PWC(Jet Ski) Proficiency Course 1 day at R2,900.00

– SRC VHF Radio Course (Internationally recognized) 1 day at R2,500.00

 Level 2 Food Hygiene Course is an online course at R3,550.00                

– Level 2 Food Hygiene Course in person is also at R3,550.00 (This would be your choice between the 2)

TOTAL: R29,500.00


Basic Stew Masseuse Course – R6,999 (including a practical kit)

Basic Stew Beautician Course – R6,999 (including practical kits)

*Get in touch with us for a more in depth breakdown on the training*

We provide the courses to help you understand the high levels of service, professionalism and dedicated duty required for interior yacht crew.

The following topics are covered extensively in the Superyacht Stewardess course:

Interior introduction –
The Interior Introduction module is a 3-day basic course. This training is an introduction to job roles of interior crew members.  It outlines all the important responsibilities of a Steward/ess as well as yacht etiquette and safety.

  • Demographics of the industry, different types of yachting, life at sea being on a professional yacht.
  • Guidelines on how to enter the industry (CV, visas, where to go, when to go, looking for a job, interviewing, crew contracts, salary expectations and crew agents)
  • The departments onboard a yacht as well as the role of the interior department and your role as a Steward/ess.
  • Personal presentation, correct dress and punctuality, communication and behaviour, verbal and written communication and body language
  • How to interact with guests and awareness of cultural differences, such as guests from USA, Britain, Russia, Asia, etc.
  • Yacht Interior Housekeeping, Pre-guest checklists, Steward/ess Scheduling and Rotations
  • Garbage/Rubbish disposal, Cabin cleaning and detailing, Cleaning caddy. Yacht interior surfaces – do’s and don’ts, Yacht interior fabrics – care and handling, Laundry labels, Crew and guest laundry. Washing machine, tumble drying and ironing, the correct way to treat various linens, ironing, folding and presenting laundered garments.
  • Yacht safety, Hazards in the interior, the correct use of cleaning chemicals as well as MSDS and Hazard Symbols.

Basic Food Service & Wine & Mixology Introduction –

  • Service Definitions and Different Styles of Service such as American, English, Russian, Butler Style, etc.
  • Caviar Service, Hors d’oeuvres, Canapés, Appetizers, etc.
  • Breakfast service, Mise en place for service.
  • Beverage Service – Tea, Coffee, Cocktails, Wine, Water
  • Working with menus, preference sheets and cheat sheets.
  • Introduction to the world of wine – Wine tasting principles as well as a practical wine session, tasting various SA and International wines.
  • Food, wine and cheese matching, Faulty wines and Grapes of the world.
  • Wine regions of the world and New world and old world wine making.
  • Service of wine
  • Spirits and cocktails
  • Cocktail service
  • Main spirit styles
  • Practical cocktail blending session
    Keira Giles
    Keira Giles
    6 March 2024
    Thank you Sail and Power for the most incredible experience! Thoroughly enjoyed all my courses with you guys and would 100% recommend you to anyone interested in doing their RYA courses. Learnt so much and would do it all again in a heartbeat!
    Aleks Kolev
    Aleks Kolev
    4 October 2023
    Really enjoyed doing my Jetski instructors with Pete, he is very knowledgeable and approachable helping to answer any questions you have to do with any form of boating. I would recommend Sail and Power to any new or experienced boaters looking to bolster their skills!
    Divan Flemming
    Divan Flemming
    29 September 2023
    Amazing experience… well organised and very informative.
    william fraser
    william fraser
    18 August 2023
    Geraldo made the training and experience memorable. He is super talented in his field.
    Dorianne Retalic
    Dorianne Retalic
    16 August 2023
    Dear Sail & Power (Green Point) Team, I am writing to extend my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional experience that my nephew, Jason Deysel, had with Sail & Power As his Aunt, I cannot express how grateful I am for the opportunities you provided and the positive impact you have had on his life. First and foremost, I want to thank Sail & Power and all the staff and lecturers involved in Jason's courses. Your commitment to his growth and development has been exemplary, and your dedication to his success has not gone unnoticed. The knowledge and skills he acquired during his time with Sail & Power have been invaluable. I would like to extend a special thank you to Natalie, who showed remarkable compassion, understanding, and care towards Jason. I am deeply grateful for her realization that it wasn't just about him passing the courses, but also about preparing him for the challenges of the real world. These small yet crucial elements are often overlooked, and it warms my heart to know that Jason had someone like Natalie to guide him through his journey. Furthermore, I must mention Don, whose mentorship left a lasting impression on Jason. Don's guidance and support have had a significant impact on his personal and professional growth. I am eagerly looking forward to hearing all about Jason's experiences when he returns home. However, my most profound appreciation goes to Geraldo. From the very beginning, when I shared my idea and aspirations for Jason, he was on board with unwavering support. The long conversations we had over the phone were invaluable, and I cannot thank him enough for understanding my deep desire to help Jason succeed. Geraldo's guidance and advice on the courses Jason needed to take were instrumental in shaping his path. Despite my occasional moments of panic, Geraldo patiently listened to my concerns and provided much-needed reassurance. Sail & Power has truly been a beacon of hope and opportunity for Jason, and I am grateful for the transformation that has taken place in him. The personal growth and confidence he has gained are immeasurable, and it is all thanks to the exceptional team at Sail & Power. Once again, please accept my heartfelt thanks for everything you have done for Jason. Your organization has played a crucial role in shaping his future, and I am forever grateful for the positive impact you have had on his life. I hope that in the future, other individuals like Jason will have the privilege of benefiting from the same extraordinary experiences at Sail & Power. With warmest regards and deepest gratitude, Dorianne Retalic (Jason's Aunt)
    13marle13 E
    13marle13 E
    1 August 2023
    Day skipper was absolutely amazing!! Definitely recommend them as you learn quite alot in the few days that the course is presented!!
    Tom Pannett
    Tom Pannett
    8 June 2023
    Highly recommend these guys! Very professional and accommodating. A big thank you to Pete who ran through the course and exam with me, very knowledgable and helpful throughout!

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