Getting a job on a cruise may be easier than you think it is… at least much easier than getting a job on a superyacht. If it’s that easy, then what’s the catch? How do you actually get a job on a cruise ship? Well, let’s find out about it in this article.

What is a Cruise Ship?

A cruise ship is much more of a public ship that’s affordable for many. It opens doors not just for rich people but for people from all sorts of economic backgrounds. That’s what makes travelling with a cruise ship a more favourable option than a superyacht.

Because yes, a superyacht is usually a privately owned vessel by a billionaire. Everyone in the industry knows that one buys a superyacht to flaunt their superior wealth to the world.

A cruise ship, however, is owned by a company. These companies are called cruise lines. Compared to a superyacht, a cruise ship provides more entertaining amenities options, from a simple dine-in restaurant to a whooping luxurious casino.

How does that make getting a job on a Cruise Ship easier?

Cruise ships are much larger than a superyacht, providing a variety of forms of land and sea entertainment. They are also designed to accommodate anywhere from 700 to 2000 passengers at once. So, a superyacht crew model may not come in handy here. You will require a lot more manpower to efficiently run a cruise ship.

So, as there is much more variety of positions available on a cruise, it makes competition a bit easier, relatively speaking. The interview process is not as harsh or ‘favoured’, rather you are sure to get a job if you land in with the right experience and a well-polished resume.

How to get a job on a Cruise Ship?

We will divide this section into two parts. Resume building and Applying Process.

I. Resume

Just like any standard job application, you will need a resume to apply for a cruise ship position as well. Keep your resume stylised but simple at the same time. You should make sure that it is easy to read and understand. Hiring managers receive a thousand resumes during the recruiting season and they are only going to take a glance before they either move on or select you for the interview.

Be as frank as you can with your experience and qualifications. If you are good at something, for example, cooking, then do mention it. But if you are not good at something, then do not lie about it. Your expertise in a relevant field will have a higher chance of landing you a sure job.

Also, remember to get your ENG1 Medical Certificate and STCW Proficiency certificate beforehand. Else nobody is even going to bother accepting you.

II. Finding the Job

Once you fulfil the requirements, it is time for you to start sending out applications. There are four ways you can do this.

  1. Finding the job requirement directly via a Cruise Line’s website. You may find contacts in their hiring department to make queries or may be able to apply directly via their recruitment portal.
  2. Applying via recruitment websites like Glassdoor or Indeed. Also, there are other specialised recruiting websites that are only made for marine workers, such as Cruise Job Finder.
  3. You can apply through a Concessionaire Company. A lot of cruise lines staff their photography, gift shops, spa, retail, or entertainment departments through a concessionaire company.
  4. By attending a cruise job fair event.

What’s the Catch of finding a job on a Cruise Ship?

If you how the cruise line business operates, then it should not be a surprise to know the hardships of seafarers working on a cruise ship. Compared to superyacht work, cruise ship work are consistently longer. This may include working on weekends as well.

Another downside is that you may get paid less on a cruise ship compared to a superyacht job.

However, the upsides are that the crew gets their own dedicated space. Also, it is much easier to find a job on a cruise ship as a fresher. This will also help you build up that valuable experience, which will help you find a reliable job on a superyacht.


Superyacht or Cruise Ship, whichever job you find, is going to be difficult in the end. What’s valuable is the experience and friends you make along the way! If you are keen on working in the marine industry, try out every possible option there is, including working on a cruise ship. Who knows, it might turn out to be a pleasant experience for you!

If you want to equip yourself better before finding a job on a cruise, you may consider taking the deckhand course as well. While it is catered more towards training candidates for a superyacht job, it can most certainly prove to be helpful on a cruise too. In South Africa, Sail and Power SA is your way to go for Deckhand or Stewardess courses. Contact us and let’s have a chat regarding your career as a seafarer!